A watercolor painting framed in white of a red fox sleeping amid a wreath of green ferns and purple flora. Typewriter style text on the bottom white border reads, "Lavender Limer Literary, Summer 2022, Flora & Fauna".


Flora & Fauna, the summer 2022 issue of Lavender Lime Literary is now LIVE!  This issue balances the natures of the within spaces we guard as precious. We seek the animalistic and the blossoming. The nips of beauty brewed into teacups and the potions they secret into the palms of those wise enough to witness magic and carry it forward into creation. Show us your balance in transitions, where body and joy unbottle. Show us the movement of your earth. The windswept brows of the realities you carry in your back pockets. Show us what you've planted in the spring so that we may celebrate the harvest.

As ever, Lavender Lime Literary wishes to remind you that this publication is trauma-informed and focuses on raising the voices of marginalized communities often left out of sexual conversations.  That means we seek to change the conversations around sex.  We're sex-positive, sex work positive, and committed to ensuring all positive aspects of sexuality are held aloft.


We prioritize works from marganalized creators, including (but not limited to) queer/LGBTQ+, BIOPC, incarserated or disabled.  We never publish pieces that glorify violence or are racist, sexist, ableist, facist, transphobic, xenophobic, or any other level of grossness on the plight of the human condition.  Submitting such works will result in a permenant ban from any and all future submissions to our publication.  Please see our submission guidelines and our commitment to being trauma-informed before submitting.



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