About us

Lavender Lime Literary magazine seeks to elevate marginalized voices through the unique expression of gender, sexuality, and identity.  All forms of existance are welcome here.

We are a small, queer-run online press that publishes poetry and artistic content quarterly.  Our masthead is a family affair. We seek the complex aspects of sexuality through poetry, prose, art, and photography.  Ours is an inclusive space that seeks to raise up those who would turn to art before self-harm.  A space where gentleness is promise to the violence, so many marginalized voices have endured.  We seek your healing.  Your gutting.  Your honesty and your beauty.  There is strength in this outpouring.  There is beauty in this path.  We are unafraid to publish you, for you are glorious.

Lavender Lime Literary publishes pieces about healing.

We seek your stories of healing.  Of trials, which led you to sunrises.  Your deep places spread in sunlight to bleach and transform.  We seek your bared souls.  Your sharpened teeth.  Your softened eyes.  We seek all of those things that heal you when you weren’t looking.

Lavender Lime Literary publishes secret languages.

We wish to hear your hidden voices.  Your deep desires.  Your fears, your overwhelm, your explosions of joy.  We want to know what moves you to write, as that’s what moves us, too.

Lavender Lime Literary publishes positive erotica.

Positive erotica are works and words that inspire healing and power through self-love, sexual exploration, and healthy informed choices that revolve around healing, self-reclamation, and consent.  We DO NOT publish violence and REFUSE to glorify sexual violence as art.  We are sex-positive.  We are kink-friendly.  We are absolutely here for your sexual deviancy so long as it is positive, consensual, and genuine.  We do NOT publish ANY works that glorify abuse, and submissions of such will result in a permanent ban from all possible calls for future submissions.

Lavender Lime Literary is trauma-informed.

We accept transformative pieces when speaking on abuse recovery, addiction recovery, and life after sexual violence, but our aim is to heal that which hurts.  We ask that all pieces that might deal with these more sensitive topics come with a trigger or content warning for both our editors- who are abuse survivors- and our audience.  Everyone is in a different place in their healing journey.  Ours is a place where all voices are raised up to joy.  You can learn more about our commitment to trauma-informed artistry here.