Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna

lavender lime literary
lughnasadh 2022

A watercolor painting framed in white of a red fox sleeping amid a wreath of green ferns and purple flora. Typewriter style text on the bottom white border reads, "Lavender Limer Literary, Summer 2022, Flora & Fauna".


CW content warning

Lavender Lime Literary is a trauma-informed publication that frequently features sex-positive content and erotica. Click here to learn more about what being trauma-informed means to us.  Content and trigger warnings are posted with all pieces that require them.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

This issue will balance the natures of the within spaces we guard as precious. We seek the animalistic and the blossoming. The nips of beauty brewed into teacups and the potions they secret into the palms of those wise enough to witness magic and carry it forward into creation. Show us the balance of you in transitions, where body and joy unbottle. Show us the movement of your earth. The windswept brows of the realities you carry in your back pockets. Show us what you've planted in the spring, so that we may celebrate the harvest.