Bone Dust

Bone Dust

lavender lime literary
smahain 2022

Watercolor painting of a human skull in the weeds. Orange marigold flowers are growing around a hole in the skull on the right side and a single marigold flower is growing in the eye socket on the left side. Text in white frame around image reads "Bone Dust . Lavender Lime Literary, Samhain 2022"


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CW content warning

Lavender Lime Literary is a trauma-informed publication that frequently features sex-positive content and erotica. Click here to learn more about what being trauma-informed means to us.  Content and trigger warnings are posted with all pieces that require them.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Bone Dust seeks to bleed out that which startles us to movement. Here lie your dark delights. Your guilty pleasures. Your swarm to the stillness of bone and breath. Come inside and shiver to this haunted vibe.