From the Editors: Kindness as Virtue, Sunflowers

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Kindness as Virtue

An acrostic golden shovel

Happiness can't be bought in the
Ominous ways of the capitalist secret.
New money old family and the life
Every American was promised in the virtue of
Your freedoms, your bootstraps, your promises to the bees
Singing buzz songs in the morning dew, how the peace consumes
Universal truth in the simplicity of such a complex dance. My
Capitalist hellscape can't choke out the renewal of sunflowers, or my
Kindness tethered to the pollination magic moments this yard,
Yielding to the magic that's become a sanctuary for mor than just these bees in my garden.


Golden Shovel:
"The secret life of bees consumes my front yard garden"

The Sunflower Collection

Photo of the interior of a sunflower close up, in dark browns and purples.

Photo of a sunflower just beginning to open with a few yellow petals at the bottom left.

Photot of a golden sunflower

Jay and Pea Flower Tomioka

(he/him) (she/fae)

lavender lime literary

Flora & Fauna

Photo by S. Jay Tomioka
Artwork by Pea Flower Tomioka