From the Editors: Blooming Moon

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Content warning for sexual content

Blooming Moon

You come to me,
commanding me in the fire of my dreams,
writhing above and beneath, marking your claim to control

as we twist and buck
fighting for mastery of the other.

The flames dance and spit, first lighting then veiling the contours of your body
beads of sweat tracing the lines which power has carved into your flesh,
flashing like diamonds in the roar of the fires.

My mouth,
painted and humid,
branding roses that lead ever downward.
My hands grip and bite,
blooming moons into your back and shoulders
as I yield to the ferocity of your desire.

We slip into a pool of glinting gold and bronze.
The flames around us caught in the reflection of ourselves
turning our ferocity into the flicker of candle
softened to your touch.

Pulling me down.
Pulling me under.

The minerals of the pool fill my mouth in a burst,
crisp and sweet
as I gasp and give myself up to you,
an offering of lust.






Submission list:

Jay and Pea Flower Tomioka

(he/him) (she/fae)

lavender lime literary

Bone Dust Artwork by Pea Flower Tomioka