We are delighted to announce the first special edition issue for Lavender Lime Literary!  "Offerings" are positive erotica that we gift over to the divine within.  This special issue will publish on Beltane, on May 1st, like an offering.  As ever, Lavender Lime Literary wishes to remind you that this publication is trauma-informed and focuses on raising the voices of marginalized communities often left out of sexual conversations.  That means we seek to change the conversations around sex.  We're sex-positive, sex work positive, and absolutely committed to ensuring that all positive aspects of sexuality are held aloft.

Hit us with your deepest desires, your most loving versions of yourself, and your authentic love.  This is the publication for your hot sex poem.  This is the publication for your piece about learning to love yourself through masturbation.  This is the publication for your kisses, your wonders, your experiences shared in love.  Not every offering needs to be about sex- but it does need to tie into that which you love about yourself.  Beltane offerings are fertile magic, and we intend to hold space on our altar for your version of love, of light, and of the memory of every orgasm that made you feel powerful so that these seeds we plant together will become a thriving community of poets showcasing radical self-love and beauty.

Within the self, we hold court as a sacred space for love.  These are our desires.  These are our powerful revelations.  These are our Offerings

We prioritize works from marganalized creators, including (but not limited to) queer/LGBTQ+, BIOPC, inarserated or disabled.  We never publish pieces that glorify violence or are racist, sexist, ableist, facist, transphobic, xenophobic, or any other level of grossness on the plight of the human condition.  Submitting such works will result in a permenant ban from any and all future submissions to our publication.  Please see our submission guidelines and our commitment to being trauma-informed before submitting.



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