Watercolor painting of a woman with green hair and a golden top twisting a circular pendant on a golden chain with a small hourglass in the center.
Original art by pea ? tea


Magic, the third issue of Lavender Lime Literary is now LIVE!  This issue is filled to brimming with spells, secrets, and sanctuary.  As ever, Lavender Lime Literary wishes to remind you that this publication is trauma-informed and focuses on raising the voices of marginalized communities often left out of sexual conversations.  That means we seek to change the conversations around sex.  We’re sex-positive, sex work positive, and absolutely committed to ensuring that all positive aspects of sexuality are held aloft.

In the in-betweens, where we exist in counted breaths- or the silence between our heartbeats, we turn and return to the magic we dance within.  Here, we are Magic.

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