Watercolor sketch of a man lying in an open robe and a green tee upon a sketched bed. Text over the man reads "In Repose". Text at the bottom of the image reads, "Lavender Lime Literary Issue TWO"

In repose.
In our skin
In so deep
In love with you.

Come to us in recline, a battered paperback in hand.  Show us the feathers you keep as bookmarks.  The ticket stubs tucked inside magazine pages to mark those things you want to share with someone special to you.  Bring us your heavy heads, weighted in down and comfort.  Let us pour you a cup of tea as you recline, in repose, and read deeply of that which refreshes us all.

Submissions for In Repose are now open.  Please see our submission guidelines for information on how to submit your work to us.  We await.  Knock us down with your interpretations.  Need some inspiration?  Check out our Pinterest Board for issue two.

We prioritize works from marginalized creators, including (but not limited to) queer/LGBTQ+, BIOPC, incarcerated, or disabled.  We never publish pieces that glorify violence or are racist, sexist, ableist, fascist, transphobic, xenophobic or any other level of grossness on the plight of the human condition.  Submitting such works will result in a permanent ban from any and all future submissions to our publication.  Please see our submission guidelines and our commitment to being trauma-informed before submitting.



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