Watercolor sketch of a man lying in an open robe and a green tee upon a sketched bed. Text over the man reads "In Repose". Text at the bottom of the image reads, "Lavender Lime Literary Issue TWO"

In Repose, the second issue of Lavender Lime Literary is now LIVE!  Come inside and settle in with a cup of your favorite tea and a big fluffy blanket, because this one is going to rock you gently down.  In Repose brings in new names to delight us with their poems and perspectives.  As ever, Lavender Lime Literary wishes to remind you that this publication is trauma-informed and focuses on raising the voices of marginalized communities often left out of sexual conversations.  That means we seek to change the conversations around sex.  We’re sex-positive, sex work positive, and absolutely committed to ensuring that all positive aspects of sexuality are held aloft.

Come.  Enjoy.  Cuddle in and feel at peace.  Here, we are In Repose.

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