Love Affair

Love Affair

Your colour doesn't matter,
to me you are a dream
Dark as cocoa, warm as coffee,
or as delicate as cream.
I settle on the sofa
and switch on the t.v.
but you are too tempting
I have to peek and see!
Peeking’s not enough!
I have to touch and hold
I cannot resist you!
Temptation makes me bold.
I swiftly take your clothes off
to reveal your inner treasure,
one look at you and I know
that you will give me pleasure.
I'd like to take you upstairs
but sorry, I can't wait!
You curves are so distracting
my excitement won't abate.
I breathe in your sweet fragrance
and cup you in my hands
you are so smooth and silky,
there’s reactions from my glands!
I stroke you and caress you
and lick you with my tongue
You taste of torment, teasing,
your siren song is sung!
No, I cannot resist you
I do not even try
I take you in my mouth,
I groan, I gasp, I sigh!

The moment goes too swiftly
I feel you burst inside,
my mouth fills with your flavor
my tongue has been your guide.
My eyes roll satisfaction
as your texture fills my throat
I swallow and I lick my lips
and try hard not to gloat.
I always have to have you
whenever you’re around.
There is no time for much else
when my lust for you abounds.
My lover and my passion,
whichever one you are,
I adore you, my sweet chocolate,
in boxes, bags, or bars!


Catherine Knee


Catherine Knee is an African-born writer now living in the UK. Catherine loves all things creative, producing photographic art in addition to her writing. A lover of Sword and Sorcery, and GameLit/Progression based novels, Catherine reads 2 to 3 books a week, and is an active member of her local photographers’ club and writers’ club.