For the Love of a Rose

For the Love of a Rose

A tender pink rose
plump and divinely
navette shaped
with petals soft as flesh
resembling lush lips
yearning for a kiss.

Wetness coats
silky petals
like fresh morning
dew on verdant grass
glimmering by a
lucent sun.

Supple fingers linger
on tips of the rose,
arousing desire until
ripened for pleasure.
Petals open like
blossomed spring flowers

revealing more wet secrets
in the ripples of pink lush
with an alluring scent
of salt and honey.

A nose buried into the bulb
under the spell of sweetness
as eager hands clasp
the brown stem waist

before a passion craved
mouth eats the tender rose
for the ultimate taste
of a river of ecstasy.

Bree Boyd


Bree is an alumnae of Old Dominion University and is a second-year MFA candidate at the University of Baltimore, where she studies poetry. Outside of writing, she enjoys visiting wineries and napping with her black cat, lovingly named Merlot.