All and All

All and All

in all and all yours
is the joy feathered flight
of the bird that sings hope
in the dark before dawn
to the stars of the night

over the very
heaven leavened rise
of the love of the sleek
cat backed rub
on the side of your leg

the ark of the bark
of the rainbow the vow
of the eyes of a dog
never to
the never of ever desert you

and lost of the
moss of the greening
verdant very
of every growing day
your eyes will long
to see
of every you
your heart will be.

the promise of promises
made with your eyes
the light in the shadows
of the time that still flies
the endless the starry
and the blue of skies
the seed of goddess
in the soil of the you
the leaf of the heart
in the words of the true

only the only
and always the now
the song of the yes
and the dream of the how
you are the answer
the question is why
the reach that is higher
than the cloud that is high
the changeling the sprite
the crystal and gem

today and tomorrow,
in the now that is then
if ever’s forever
and never is when
for the rending of hearts
and the mending of ends
your laugh is the curving
your smile is the bend
that brings was to beginning
and takes now to
has been

David Banach


David Banach teaches philosophy in New Hampshire, where he tends chickens, keeps bees, and watches the sky. He has published poems in Symmetry Pebbles, Hare’s Paw, Please See Me, Poets' Touchstone, and other places. He also does the Poetrycast podcast for Passengers Journal, along with Andreea Ceplinschi.