From the Editors, Issue Three

Pressing into Truth

On the days when my imposter syndrome robs me of my voice,
I remember that the magic I author into my handwrit pages
is more permanent than any echo fading from my throat.

Since my poetry is truth unpolished,
I feel no shame in pressing such truths between these sheets,
like a daisy pressed between the lips of my favorite poets,
read over hot tea and firelight some late winter evening.



In the in betweens
where we exist in counted breaths
or the silence between our heartbeats
we turn and return to the magic we dance within.

The third issue of Lavender Lime Literary is a representation of interpretative magic.  Sometimes sexual, often obscured, and always mystical, magic carries meanings unique to each of us.  This issue contains magical musings from poets and artists eager to share their perspectives with the world, and we are pleased to be able to bring their visions to you.  We are especially delighted to note how many first-published authors are pressed between these pages!  Raising up new talent is a distinct pleasure we are honored to perform.  So without further delay, we invite you to dive headlong into something magical with us.

Forever yours in print and in poetry,
Jay and Pea Flower


Jay and Pea Flower Tomioka

(he/him) (she/fae)