Mycelium Musings

Mycelium Musings

My body lies beneath your feet
Below the loose soil
Beneath the discarded winter leaves
Under the green moss that carpets the ground
That is where you will find me

I languish, intertwined in the roots
Cradled beneath the trees
Spread out like tiny threads
Boring into my surroundings
Searching for a connection

Here and there my body protrudes
Pushing its way to the surface
A slash of red, bright and tumescent
Appearing from the fertile soil
Drawing your attention

You see this bold appendage
And believe you see my whole body
But so much more lays beneath
I am more than this one body
I am a network, hidden and strong

Laura Fowler


Laura is 35 years old from King's Lynn, England. She lives with her partner and two sons. She has been writing poems and short stories since she was a child. Her favourite things to do are read, go out on walks with her family, swimming, and watching theatre. Her taste in books is eclectic everything from cozy romance to graphic horror but fantasy is her favourite. She was lucky enough to have a flash fiction published in 206 Word Stories by Bag of Bones Press and a poem chosen for the Jo Cox memorial poetry fest.