You asked me how to quench my thirst,
As it’s so far from yours?
I don’t need flowers, fucking, or to pry words from your jaws.
I know that my desires may seem like a list of chores,
But that’s the thing -
the way I love:
It’s mundane, flat - it bores.

There’s joy in the monotony:
The humdrum, every day;
Like when I put my books down, then you put them away.
It’s when I rub your feet after you’ve been stood up all day.
It’s where I choose to be, for me.
For you? You choose to stay.

I’ll share your body with you,
I’ll play it - soft and low.
The way to grasp your gasps and sighs?
My privilege to know.
You have the knowledge of me;
My mind, my heart, and so -
If you’ll be bored with me, my dear,
That heart, for you, will glow.


Arden Hunter


Arden Hunter is an aroace agender writer, artist, and performer. With an eclectic range of interests from the horrific to the whimsical, the theme tying all of their work together is an inexplicable and unconditional love of the ridiculous beast that is called 'human'. Arden has words and art hosted and upcoming with Cinnabar Moth, Acid Bath Publishing, and Thi Wurd among other places.