as long as it’s not a woman

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CW content warning

Content warning for mention of homophobia.

As long as it's not a woman

you say. Suddenly I think
of her, bent over her guitar,
warmth and humor tingeing
her voice, breakfast in bed,
ordinary dreams. And I think of her,
sunshine and ocean waves,
wanting to test the waters. And
I think of her, the bliss and the sass
and the diabolical plots we'd share.
And I think of her, lightning
and fireworks inspiring one another
to live. And I think, how lucky that for me
it was never once about bodies and
gravity, and never once was I
delicate, in need.  How lucky for you.
How lucky for me.


Ellen Huang


Ellen Huang is an aro/ace lover of fairy tales and spiritual wonder. She's into superstition, black cats, and voodoo dolls. And Thai iced tea. She reads for Whale Road Review is published/forthcoming in Lemonspouting, Sage Soup, Ink Drinkers, Peach Velvet, Moss Puppy Magazine, and more.