You are made of stars
that lived and died billions of years ago,
resurrected to worry about minuscule things and laugh at even smaller things.

You are made of stars and you bathe
in the heat of your closest sibling to darken your surface pleasantly
and use their light to find your way.

You are made of stars and at night
you look up at the sky and see trillions of stars, long lost siblings and cousins twinkling light-years away
forming the universe that spans infinitely outwards
They are beautiful.

You are made of stars-
the universe looking back at itself.
You are beautiful.

Hannah Pilgrim


Hannah Pilgrim is a 21-year-old trans student and writer from the UK.   Her writings explore gender, self love and lots more besides. More of her writing can be found in a forthcoming edition of En*gendered and on her Instagram @hannahsswords.