From The Editors

Our first issue of Lavender Lime Literary is centered upon the culmination of satisfaction.  The slippery spaces we secret between our bedsheets and our journal pages like pressed flowers.  Like memories.  Like whispers against sun-warmed skin.  Like love.

Pea and Jay began this space as a supporting role in a larger mission of raising voices for alternative healthy approaches to sexuality and gender issues. We are a sex-positive space that's trauma-informed (you can read more about what that means here), and you'll find these themes throughout.  As such, we wish to remind our readers that this means we said trans rights, we said sex worker's rights, we said queer rights.  We seek to raise the bar and change the conversation about westernized notions regarding sex, relationships, and healing after abuse.

In this issue, we are fulfilled.  In this issue, we are satisfied.  In this issue, we are undone.  In this issue?  We are Slaked.


Jay and Pea Flower Tomioka

(he/him) (she/fae)