Their Forehead Kisses are Like Poetry to Me.

Their Forehead Kisses are Like Poetry to Me.

Original Format as depicted by Leona Boomsma

words can be reduced to be-
ing nothing more than vowels and consonants
merely sounds that is all just to say that I don’t think
I need them when I’m with my love their forehead kisses
are like poetry to me their touch will lead us to the
most vulnerable place I can go to it traces a
map to the warmth of the inside of my
heart convinced that we will
write together our
own love

Leona Boomsma


Leona Boomsma is a proud emo-instapoet from The Netherlands. Her poetry can be found (or is forthcoming) in publications by Beyond the Veil Press, Sapphic Writers, Paddler Press, Gutslut Press and Dollar Store Mag. Currently studying European Languages and Cultures at the University of Groningen.  Instagram: @slechtswoorden Twitter: @leonaboomsma