Morning Instructions for my Lover, Whoever you are Today

Morning Instructions for my Lover, Whoever you are Today

I promise
my body will be warmer in the daylight.
that your first breath will swell your lungs with whatever perfume is left on my skin. if you wake
before me, find a reason to brush the hair from my face. I want to open my eyes to a bright view of you. I want to pulse into being with your touch.

leave the curtains open. I want to be seen. I want the room to be filled with so much light that there is no room for anything else. leaves outside the window cast their shadows on your skin. I want to trace those ghosts with my tongue. to stencil new patterns of lust into your memory.

slip yourself into dreams with me. come find me in some place of beginnings. your fingers swollen with idleness. your mouth becoming aware, again, of its weight on my neck. pull the blanket from my shoulder. watch the way my skin comes to life in the cold. it is your excuse to cover me again.

I am a flower, stretching to meet the sun. shake the drops of dew from my body. taste the fresh sweetness. I want to find my first drink of water from the small of your back. remind me that I am alive.

I promise
there is no fiction in me
which does not want you

Haley McKinnon


Haley McKinnon is an emerging poet based in the Pacific Northwest. She holds a BA in creative writing from Pacific University and is currently pursuing a graduate degree. Their work focuses on sexuality, mental health, and the unfortunate state of the world. Previously published works can be found in Royal Rose Magazine, Elephants Never, ang(st), Ayaskala, and TROU Magazine, among others.