Today, I Tasted Venus

Original Format as presented by Lindz Mcleod

Today, I tasted
blueberry ganache under
a neon yellow sky.
My sprawled woman, her five
into my compote sheets,
atop a coffee soil bed.

Today, I piled texture upon
texture with hands made of
beakers; the night was heavy,
mortared with
sharp green notes.
Coloured like the warm sunshine
smell of fur. Small wonder
we feel compressed under the
of such a flavour.

Lindz Mcleod


Lindz McLeod is a queer, working-class, Scottish writer who dabbles in the surreal. Her poetry has been published by the Grain magazine, Hellebore, perhappened, and many more. She is a member of the SFWA and is represented by Headwater Literary Management.