I get all my Sex Online (Ode to my BDSM blog persona)

CW content warning

Content warning for grahic sexual content.

land of electric homeostasis
where bloggers can’t hear my acoustic moans
our moon can’t see where the pussy plugs in
promise me: my patron, the internet
you’ll filter for me forever: gender sales,
fishy porn for feeders and breeders, here I am
undone and bimbofied for a moment.
Asmodeus, my digital demon
boyfriend, fucks me through my locked screen
until my psych meds kick in and I dream unplugged.

Bunny Morris


Bunny Morris is a queer poet from Louisville, Kentucky. They are currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in English with minors in Creative Writing and LGBTQ+ studies at the University of Louisville. Their work revolves around their experiences as a trans sex worker, with a focus on sexuality, gender, and the interaction between trauma and pleasure.