Fool’s Spring

Experimentally formatted poem (text below) is typed in black on a white background.
Original Format as presented by Nat Raum

I want you in every crevice lips on lips
hands on hips pineapple guava liquor drips
till we go supernova baby celestial bodies
bright and glistening the sun is also a star
(and here I was thinking I’m selfish) fingers laced
savor tastes can’t even fucking feel my face
always down like Friday's sun cherish me
for I will collapse sweet lust-struck numbness
gasping for air as I slip skyward

Nat Raum


Nat Raum (b. 1996) is just trying their best right now. They are a multimedia artist and writer and they are currently working towards their MFA at the University of Baltimore. they post pretty pictures of their life on Instagram at @national_bohemian and can be found shitposting on Twitter at @sausage_candle.