Watercolor painting of a woman with green hair and a golden top twisting a circular pendant on a golden chain with a small hourglass in the center.
Original art by pea ? tea

In the inbetween
where we exist in counted breaths
or the silence between our heartbeats
we turn and return to the magic we dance within

In this issue, we celebrate the magic.  Magic within us, magic around us, magic beyond us.  Bring your explorations and your questions.  Bring your wonder at the sky and its endless possibilities.  Bring to us the universe inside, where we find the sparkling dust of your stars between each of your stanzas.  Show us your fears, your longings, your triumphs.  Show us your magic- that authentic casual grace that makes you who you are.

Submissions for “Magic” are now open, and will close on February 20th.  This issue is slated to go live on March 21st.  Please see our submission guidelines for information on how to submit your work to us.  We await.  Knock us down with your interpretations.  Need some inspiration?  Check out our Pinterest Board for issue three.

At a glance:

  • Subs are open for “Magic”, our third issue
  • Subs close 2/20/2022
  • Issue goes live 3/21/2022


We prioritize works from marginalized creators, including (but not limited to) queer/LGBTQIA, BIOPC, incarcerated, or disabled.  We never publish pieces that glorify violence or are racist, sexist, ableist, fascist, transphobic, xenophobic or any other level of grossness on the plight of the human condition.  Submitting such works will result in a permanent ban from any and all future submissions to our publication.  Please see our submission guidelines and our commitment to being trauma-informed before submitting.



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